Beauty & Wellness Coaching for Women.

Ready to feel beautiful on the inside and out?  What do you get when you mix a Nutritionist, Yogi, and Stylist Extraordinare’ together?  Well, you get me, Anika- a stylist & coach who specializes in addressing your physical and emotional wellbeing as well as making sure you look and feel amazing!! (Mind, Body & Style) wink wink.

Visit me in the Salon for fab-u-lous beauty treatments like sun-kissed highlights, sexy extensions, or the perfect cut. Need a little help in the wardrobe department and we will plan a personal shopping appointment. Contact me here to set up an appointment

If your are looking for more energy, loose excess weight or to feel overall healthier- We can work together in a Single Session, 6 Week Program or 3 Month Plan.  We always start with the Discovery Consultation, which is FREE by the way. Then you choose how you want to move forward.

Is it time for a little TLC? From wanting to reach and maintain your optimal weight to being ready for a new look and new energy to boot. We will create something that has you feel Refreshed, Revived and Renewed.  Isn’t it time to give yourself the gift of better health, a little pampering and encouragement along the way?

*Contact me now to see what custom plan I would create for you!


Take a look at an example of a Makeover…

You notice your in a funk, from a recent break up, all mommy time and no YOU time or just a lot of stress at work. You want to make some healthy changes and you know its been a while since you have pampered yourself. So where on Earth do you start?

“Do do doooo…… Call in the calvary.”  That’s when you call me and we have a chat. You tell me all about what has been going on and where you would like to feel better.

If you are in the San Diego area, You can come to the Salon where we will go over your beauty routine & refresh your look with a gorgeous new cut & color. Update your make up routine if needed.

For your health, we create a plan for you that kicks off with a whole food cleanse. We tackle your food habits first so you can start to refuel your body. Next we at where you need support emotionally, from building up self esteem or how to make requests from your sweetheart to give you more of what you need.

Then as you are starting to gain more energy from the healthy changes you make, we schedule your beauty session.  Everything from a closet therapy and personal shopping for the up coming season to coming in to the salon and getting a gorgeous new hair cut and beautiful new color.

We will cover any make up routine updates that are needed as well as the latest in the industry for anti aging and rejuvenation.  I will help develop your next move based on what your personal goals are.

Think of me as your beauty & wellness concierge.  I act on your behalf making sure you get the best of what is out there in a way that works for you.

Email me now if you are interested in finding out more…

Or if your health and fitness are more of an issue, I can come with you to the store and show you how to shop and set up your kitchen in a way that makes eating nourishing food yummy and easy.

I can show you how to reach your ideal weight in a way that becomes part of a new lifestyle.  You will learn how to make food choices that have you feel full and satisfied versus the old school way of yo yo dieting…

We will create a plan for you to let go of old habits that are keeping you less than glowing and we will replace them with easy choices that will have being vibrant and radiant your new normal. Hello skinny jeans!

Does this sound good?  Contact me so we can chat and get started on the gorgeously green you.

Check out my health coaching program for here.

Check out my program for women ready for love here.



**I dedicate my work  to honor my mother who I lost to  cancer. A woman who has forever inspired me to Love and Live Big.   Now it is your turn to get everything you want.**